Adam and Hewan አዳም እና ሔዋን
Yatreda ያጥሬዳ

Presented by Fellowship

Launching November 1st 2023

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Yatreda ያጥሬዳ is a family of artists from Ethiopia creating in the style of tizita-nostalgia and longing for the past.

Led by Kiya Tadele, the group creates artwork which balances the new, like blockchain technology, with the old, preserving classic legends of historical and cultural significance.

This blend suggests the timeline of African history doesn’t simply end, and the stories are not finished. Yatreda is about rediscovering Africa’s original self once again

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In Conversation

Alejandro Cartagena, co-founder of Fellowship, discusses Yatreda's unique videophotographic project, "Adam and Hewan" as well as past projects.

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Adam and Hewan
Adam and Hewan

Every culture in the world holds their own creation story. Where we came from, where we are going, and what defines good and evil.

In Ethiopia, instead of Adam and Eve, it's Adam and Hewan. We reimagined the Genesis narrative, envisioning Africa as the birthplace of humanity.

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Project Details
Yatreda's latest project, "Adam and Hewan", encompasses 13 video loop artworks, each minted as a unique edition NFT. This project draws inspiration from the age-old tale of Adam and Hewan, reimagined through the modern and innovative perspective of the collective. This collection seamlessly follows the collective's previous successful series such as "Strong Hair", "Movement of the Ancestors", and "Kingdoms of Ethiopia".